HTML is a widely used and deployed technology. Unfortunately, HTML code reuse support is poor. It's always the same: write that boilerplate code again and again. Copy it from one page to another, adjust that damn table row to make the text fit. Sadly, this is how it works: most of the time you're dealing with layouts, colors etc. CSS surely is a big step forward, but you still cannot create black-box components like in a programming language.
There are some some technologies which more or less reduce the bloat, but almost all of them are strictly dynamic ones: Servlets, JSP, JSF, PHP etc. Using them will bind you to a specific language and you will not be able to design a static HTML site with their help.

webX tries to bring code reuse to HTML. It does so by using a language neutral, both dynamical and statical approach:

Now, can you use webX? I hope so. If you don't want to mess with HTML layout issues look at webX layouts. If you need components like trees, menus, labels etc. maybe the webX approach can help you. In the worst case you could copy the examples provided on this site and don't mess with XML and XSL. Finally, if you like webX let me know. If you don't let me know. Let's make it better together.